Brandon Castillo | Associate

Brandon Castillo Marketing Director in San Jose, CA

Brandon Castillo
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Brandon Castillo’s passion for storytelling can be traced back to his pre-professional days. Whether as a member of his high school journalism club or part of the television news team at San Jose State University, Brandon’s been on the path to inform others from the start. The reason? He likes teaching people about the resources around them. Right now, that’s NextHome Lifestyles. 

With more than six years of experience working as a professional in the television news industry, Brandon is putting his skills to use as the Marketing Manager for NextHome Lifestyles. Brandon displays great talent for curating compelling content and telling compelling stories which are crucial in marketing campaigns. He is competent in helping plan, implement, and maintain a comprehensive communications program to support the mission of NextHome Lifestyles. Thanks to his extensive career in journalism, his learned technical skills in video editing and social media are also important assets he brings to the team. 

In addition to Brandon’s professional background, he always has a positive attitude and is willing to find solutions no matter the difficulty. 

When out of the office, you can most likely find Brandon at the beach or lake. Brandon is happiest living near his family in his hometown of San Jose.